Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cute short hairstyles for kids

Since school has started a lot of cute short haircut for children is the surface, because one of the things parents want to give their child at the beginning of the year is a fresh new cut. Beginning of the year is very important to give the child a clean new look.
cute short hairstyles for kids
Short haircuts are perfect for small children, because they are easy to talk and style. At this time you do not want to hide his face with his long hair, you want them to look neat and well groomed. Here are some haircuts for both boys and girls:

Children thorns hair

Until the age of ten children are not as interested in their views which means that you can choose what kind of haircut you want. The simplest haircut you can choose for your child is short and simple. If you want to style a bit, you can add some ears using a Mousse or hair spray. You can choose which short you want his hair to be and you can add the spikes to complete the look with his personality.

Children crew cut

If you have a child who can not stand still all day then the young crew cut is the haircut for him. This style is perfect for children who are active, do not fall into their eyes, it remains in place so that they can play as long as they want. This is one of the short haircuts that needs no style and little care when washing.

Girls bob

The bob haircut is one of the most popular short hair among girls and women. There BOBs for all face shapes which means that you can find the perfect one for your daughter. If you are looking for inspiration just go online and look at pictures of Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin.

Girls pixie

Among girls, the pixie cut has become very popular, thanks to Alice Cullen actor from the movie Twilight. If your child has an ultra-fine hair then this is the cut for her.

As you can see cute short hairstyles for children are very popular this year and you have to take advantage of this and cut your girl or boy short. If you want to give your child a beautiful, clean haircut before the start of the year you would have to cut it.


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